Kevin Win

Software Engineer in San Francisco

👋 Hi, I'm Kevin Win, and I'm a Software Engineer at MyVest in San Francisco.

I like building things--whether those things be software, books, articles, or ventures.

I'm infinitely curious about the intersection between psychology, self-improvement, business, philosphy, technology, and culture. I love remixing old ideas and discovering new ways of thinking.

Favorite food: Bánh Xèo.

Majored in neuroscience at Dartmouth College. Studied Chinese at Beijing Normal University (北京师范大学).

Lifelong adventurer. I've hiked 50+ miles in under 24 hours, canoed 210 miles to the Atlantic Ocean and biked cross-country.

From Manassas, Virginia.

Want to see what I'm up to now? Check out my now page, which is updated regularly.